Door Access Systems Singapore (Convenience and Importance)

It is beneficial for offices to install door access systems for their companies. The following points are the key benefits of having a door access system installed.

  1. Only those with access cards can enter your office thereby preventing access of unwanted strangers to enter without any notice.
  2. With the autolock feature, nobody can just barge in without the access card. This not only protects your company belongings but also enhances the safety of your staff.
  3. There are also some access systems that can record staff attendance and take notes of the ‘Time In’ & ‘Time Out’ of your staff by recording the thumbprints of all staff entries.
  4. Office staff do not have to keep walking to the door and manually opening it for guests as the release of the door can be done by a remote control or a release button placed next to the staff.
  5. It looks more high tech and gives a more professional image to the company.
  6. Rather than fiddling with a key, it would be faster to just tap the card on the access reader to release it instantly. So this not only protects the door lock from being damaged due to constant use but also makes it more efficient for your staff to enter and leave.
  7. Door access systems are extremely affordable.
  8. Instead of cards, you can also opt to change it to keyfobs or for certain systems, thumbprints are used to record the movements.