Our mission is to provide complete & affordable security solutions to businesses, homes & individuals all across Singapore.We provide a wide range of security systems from door access systems to cctvs to portable GPS Trackers.

Do not lose sleep worrying about the security of your property and let us take care of it. Our technical team has over 10 years experience in installing and monitoring security systems for businesses and homes all across Singapore.

Our target customers have been Singapore SME’s who are looking for inexpensive security systems for their businesses. However regardless of the size or complexity, we can tailor a solution to meet your security needs. We  carry top brands such as samsung, avtech, adv, soyal & many more.

Our specialization includes:-

  • Security Systems (CCTV, Burglary Alarms System and Access Control Systems)
  • Video Transmission Systems (Wireless and Fiber Optics)
  • Wireless Systems (Network and IP cameras)
  • Telephone Recording Systems
  • Alarm Systems
  • Portable GPS Trackers / Devices
  • Bags with hidden compartments to store your GPS Tracking device.


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